Michael Di Pasquale, AIA, AICP

Michael Di Pasquale
Executive Director

Michael Di Pasquale, AIA, AICP is a registered architect and certified urban planner with a small practice in Northampton, Mass. Previously he was part-owner of an architectural design firm in Somerville, Mass. for over 12 years. His work consists of urban design and mixed-use developments, including housing for persons with special needs. His designs include one of the first housing developments in the nation for persons with AIDS. He is currently working on the design of an affordable housing and commercial development in Northampton, Mass. in association with Davis Square Architects.

At UMass Amherst/LARP Michael teaches courses and coordinates community outreach activities. In 2009, Michael founded the UMass Amherst Design Center in Springfield. He later co-founded Make-It Springfield in June 2016. The Design Center, located at Make-It Springfield, provides studio and meeting space for UMass students and faculty working on projects in Springfield. The Design Center and Make-It Springfield host a variety of outreach and maker activities for Springfield residents.

Michael currently teaches "Introduction to Urban Design" (Fall) and the graduate "Urban Design Studio" (Spring, with Professor Frank Sleegers). He has also served as co-instructor for several graduate planning studios. Special interests include community participation and the role it plays in the equitable redevelopment of post-industrial cities. His research has included the impact that transportation has on economic development and the influence that geography and race have on the revitalization of America's "legacy" cities.

Michael is a member of the Board of Directors of the Citizen Planner Training Collaborative (CPTC), an outreach program of UMass Extension that provides learning programs for members of Planning Boards and Zoning Boards of Appeal statewide. Other experience includes design studio instructor at the Boston Architectural College, and architecture instructor at several elementary schools including Citizens School, Boston, MA and Stearns School, Pittsfield, MA.